With 15 years in the comedy business, comedian/impressionist Marcus (NBC’s Last Comic Standing) is a one-of-a-kind, multi-talented performer that can own any stage he’s unleashed upon.

Also a gifted singer, Marcus combined his talents with fellow comedian and musician, Guy Seidel, to officially form a musical comedy duo in 2012, and have since become both award-winning and highly sought out due to their incredible writing, unique concept, amazing live show and ability to perform clean.

Also a producer and director, Marcus has not only directed his own two stand up specials, 2008’s “Second To None”, and 2011’s “Hand That Feeds”; but he also created and hosted his own web series, 2013’s “Ghost Hopping”, created and co-hosts the “Area 52 Podcast”, and produced and directed the first Marcus & Guy comedy special, 2019’s “It’s All The Same”. Marcus will also be launching his own clean corporate comedy agency in 2020.

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Started by Marcus and his professional wrestling wife, Danielle, in 2016, The Area 52 podcast, which also includes co-host and fellow comedian Melissa Merlot, examines unexplained events, unsolved mysteries, murders, monsters, myths, the parnormal, the supernatural, cover-ups, conspiracy theories and more! If you love the unexplained, then you will love hearing these three skeptical believers break down everything from some of the most famous, and infamous, paranormal and true crime events of all-time, to mind-blowing conspiracies, strange crimes and terrifying creatures you’ve never heard of!

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Always fascinated by the paranormal, Marcus began “ghost hunting” as a hobby in 2012, and after having a few life-changing experiences he couldn’t explain, he was hooked! As a traveling comedian, Marcus not only visited places all over the country but also discovered that all of these places he went seemed to have their own ghost story, so he started finding supposedly haunted locations in the towns he performed in to investigate after his comedy shows were over. This became his short-lived, self-produced paranormal web series, “Ghost Hopping”, which he made 4 official episodes for, before not being able to continue production. These episodes captured some real and unbelievable paranormal moments that rival anything on any network show. While Ghost Hopping is no longer in production, Marcus continues his fascination with the paranormal and unexplained through his podcast, Area 52, and continues to do paranormal investigating with his wife whenever they get the opportunity. Check out the full episodes, as well as some fascinating featurettes, on the official Ghost Hopping YouTube page.