In their very first comedy special, award-winning musical comedy duo, Marcus & Guy, showcase their incredible showmanship and mind-blowing musical mastery in an unbelievable and hilarious experience that pays tribute to, and makes fun of, some of the best voices, artists and songs from over the last 50 years! Filled with cleverly written mash-ups, montages & medleys of all your favorite tunes and featuring dozens of pitch-perfect musical impressions, this amazing musical you’ll be singing align and laughing out loud to this one-of-a-kind comedy extravaganza that has to be heard to be believed!

Clip 1: "The Truth About Tequila"

Clip 2: "New Music"

Clip 3: "Gorillaz In Our Midst"

Clip 4: "The 80s"

Clip 5: "The Rap Medley"

Deleted Scene 1: "Same Chords, Different Styles"

Deleted Scene 2: "The Nickelback Story"

Deleted Scene 3: "The Grand Finale"